Meet the Flexible PDF

Introducing Flex-Ebooks.
It adapts easily to any screen size, is interactive and versatile, and just what you need to engage your reader. 


Because PDFs haven’t evolved with the times

Flex-Ebooks do what PDFs don’t.


Reading PDFs on small screens can be exasperating as they don’t always behave how you expect them to.  


Your PDF is an uneditable image of your original document, and a misfit in today’s collaborative world.


In a world where interactive pages are the norm, the static limitations of a PDF are a huge constraint.


PDFs can only embed images and hyperlinks, which can never engage a reader like a video playing on the page.


PDF files often balloon up in size, and can’t be shared without resorting to complicated file-sharing services.


PDFs don’t have the tracking capabilities that give you access to valuable data like read times and click rates.


To err is human. But once you send out a PDF, you can’t make any corrections or update the content. 


Text-to-speech don’t work on PDFs, which means you can't have your device read out the page contents for you.

Your flexible solution

Flex-Ebooks are like evolved PDFs. They effortlessly adapt to any screen size, embed videos and interactive charts, give full control via anytime edits, allow easy sharing, and can be tracked to check if your content has been read. 


Supercharge your business documents



Flex-Ebooks adapt easily to any screen size (no plug-ins required), and can be quickly developed using custom branded templates.

What you get

  • Responsive design
  • Custom branding
  • Custom domains
  • Brand asset library
  • Custom web fonts


With Flex-Ebooks you are working with just one single file. You can edit anytime directly on the page and have full control of the document.

What you get

  • Front-end editing
  • Add images & video
  • Add interactive elements
  • Auto optimized


Flex-Ebooks allow collaborators to edit your document and improve productivity, making it ideal for today's online world.

What you get

  • 3 users per account
  • Unlimited editing
  • Backups and versioning


Flex-Ebooks' interactions and animations tools bring all the power of CSS and JavaScript into a complete visual tool that will wow your readers.

What you get

  • Interactions
  • Animations
  • Page transitions



Flex-Ebooks come with Google Analytics and have tracking capabilities. This gives you access to valuable data like read times and click rates.

What you get

  • Google Analytics
  • Cookie Management


Flex-Ebooks allow devices to extract text, convert it to speech, and conveniently read it out to you.

What you get

  • WCAG 2.1 Complaint


Flex-Ebooks help scale your business with ecommerce. Insert interactive elements like chat bots, quizzes, polls, feedback forms, to directly engage with your reader.

What you get

  • E-commerce
  • Surveys
  • Chat bots
  • Infographics



Flex-Ebooks are hosted on servers powered by Amazon Web Services and Fastly. These provide a global infrastructure that delivers your content in milliseconds.

What you get

  • Fast servers
  • CDN network
  • SSL certification


Flex-Ebooks can restrict access by using gated content, or having password-protected pages, page folders, collection templates, or even your entire domain.

What you get

  • Password protect pages
  • Password management
  • Enable gated content


Just publish your documents. Flex-Ebooks does not need maintenance or updates or installation packages… it simply works.

What you get

  • No plug-ins to manage
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Zero maintenance


You can create 'save' points in your Flex-Ebooks to mark progress and track changes, and if necessary, restore your site to those points via ongoing, automatic backups.

What you get

  • Hourly backups
  • Code export

Six Easy Steps

Depending on the complexity of document/ebook, the process and timeline to create it would vary. But as a benchmark, it can take as little as a couple of days to get a simple one-page document out of the gate. We keep the process simple, and you will be briefed every single step of the way.

Start today

Goal & Scope definition:

Clarify brief and objectives. Plan features and functionality.

Approve UX & UI:
Approve the UX and UI that will be presented.

Template Development:
Wait while we get your Flex-Ebook template to be ready.

Content Upload:
Populate the content, images and any other asset that you want to add.

Launch your Flex-Ebook document by publishing on your website, emailing, or sharing it on social media.


Access your Flex-Ebook any time in the future to add/edit content.

Flexibility in Execution

Double Spread

A double spread design with cover image and drop down menu.


Single Continous

A single continuous long scrolling page with interactions and animations.


Custom Design

A bespoke design with page transitions, interactions and custom illustrations.


Arabic Spread

A double spread Arabic layout designed to mimic a print double spread with navigation.



A data driven long scrolling page with custom infographics, interactions and animations.


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Fabulous. Interesting.
Well thought of features.

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Great product.
Relevant. Innovative.

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An Excellent product. I see a lot of potential for Flex-Ebooks.

Lamia Adi

Pearl Initiative
Innovative product.
Useful tool.

Mitra Khoubrou

Pink Tank

Time to flex
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